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  • Book, The Art of Cooking with Lavender by Nancy Baggett

    Book, The Art of Cooking with Lavender by Nancy Baggett

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    Recipes in The Art of Cooking with Lavender range from everyday to gourmet, home-style to slightly exotic and sweet to savory.  Yes, lavender goes just great with meats, creamy cheeses and certain vegetables, but you’ll find plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Choose from appetizers like irresistible Cocktail Meatballs to baked goods like fragrant Lemon-Lavender Muffins, to entrees like Pork Chops and Apples with Lavender and Thyme, and  zesty beverages such as Lavender-Ginger-Lime Cooler.  These dishes, like many in the book, are beautifully photographed so you can see the results and gather fun garnishing and serving ideas.

    Nancy Baggert is an award winning cookbook author, food journalist, hobbyist gardener, and food photographer with nearly twenty books and hundreds of articles to her credit.