Wool Dryer Ball Gift Set

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Ready for fluffier, healthier laundry that has a divine scent?

Wool Dryer Balls shorten drying time, soften fabric, reduce static and are gentle on your clothing.  They eliminate chemical residues found in softeners and dryer sheets. Theylast for over 1,000 loads and will save you time and money.

These Smart Sheet dryer balls are all-natural, made with 100% New Zealand wool.  They are made in Nepal and packaged by work-at-home moms in Utah.

Included are three dryer balls and a vial of our 100% pure lavender essential oil.  Add a drop or two to your dryer balls to add the clean fresh scent of lavender to your laundry.  

Each set contains 3 wool dryer balls and a 2 ml vial of our Grosso lavender essential oil.