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  • Muslin Lavender Dryer Bag

    Lavender Wind Muslin Lavender Dryer Bag

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    These muslin bags stuffed with lavender buds are perfect for tossing into dryer full of laundry or stashing in a clothes drawer for a lovely, natural scent.

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    Product description

    Pop one of these bags into the dryer with your clean clothes and you'll get a delicate lavender fragrance.  Each bag will last for about 4 to 5 dryer loads. You can refill them with fresh lavender and keep on drying!

    Or put a bag into your hot bathwater to create an aromatic and relaxing bathing experience. After the bath you'll want to empty out the bag and refill with dry lavender for the next bath.

    Ingredients:  Lavender Buds, grown without pesticides or herbicides on Whidbey Island.

    Includes one dryer bag.


    Lavender Wind 4.87 / 5 - 4400 Reviews @ Yotpo