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  • Lavender Hydrosol 6oz sprayer

    Lavender Wind Lavender Hydrosol 6oz sprayer

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    Hydrosol (also known as floral water) is produced on the farm during the steam distillation of lavender essential oil. Great for skincare and cleaning, a truly all-purpose product.

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    Product description

    Though they are made from the same process, hydrosols and essential oils are comprised of different components. 

    Hydrosols contain constituents from the plant that dissolve in water while Essential oils are the constituents that dissolve in oil. 

    Hydrosol, which contains many of the herbaceous elements of the origin plant that essential oils do not, often are considered to have a ‘greener’ aroma than essential oil

    Lavender essential oil tends to have a sweeter aroma than the hydrosol from the same plant which some find more refreshing.

    Hydrosol can be used for some many different things including:

    -For rinsing, cleaning, and promoting rapid healing of skin abrasions and cuts
    -For soothing itching skin associated with sun or wind burn, eczema, dryness and aging
    -As a wet wipe for infant and adult personal hygiene (particularly useful in healing and preventing diaper rashes)
    -For cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces (sinks, counters, floors, refrigerators, stove tops, desks, dashboards, etc, etc...)
    -For non-streaking cleaning of windows, glass, mirrors, fine jewelry, computer and TV screens                    -For washing fruit and vegetables (safe to spray on or near food)
    -As a no-scrub daily shower spray to help prevent mildew
    -For removing water spots and finger prints from chrome and stainless steel
    -For discouraging common insects, including flies, fruit flies, spiders and ants, on and around counters, sinks, garbage areas, etc
    -As an effective plant spray for both indoor and outdoor plants, helping rid them of aphids, mealy bugs, etc -Also helpful for calming irritable infants when used as a room or car spray


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