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  • Hydrosol 32 oz.

    Lavender Wind Hydrosol 32 oz.

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    Lavender Hydrosol distilled on our farm.

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    Product description

    We distill Lavender Hydrosol from our own lavender plants on the farm. It is extremely versatile. Hydrosol has Different Components than Lavender Essential Oil

    Though they are made from the same process, hydrosols and essential oils also are comprised of different components. 

    Hydrosols contain constituents from the plant that dissolve in water. Essential oils are the constituents that dissolve in oil. 

    Hydrosol, which contains many of the herbaceous elements of the origin plant that essential oils do not, often are considered to have a ‘greener’ aroma than essential oil. 

    Lavender essential oil tends to have a sweeter aroma than the hydrosol from the same plant which some find more refreshing.

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