Workshop - Farming Lavender

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Spend an afternoon getting introduced to farming lavender and what it takes to grow it commercially.

The tour starts at 1:00 and lasts for 4 hours. It involves walking on the farm, classroom discussion, and a bit of hands on activities.

You will learn about

  • Aspects of planning to create a lavender farm
  • Introduction to propagating lavender
  • Techniques for planting large amounts of lavender
  • Soil amendments needed and how to assess what your ground needs.
  • Ways to take advantage of mechanization without spending too much
  • Labor issues
  • Weeding (bare dirt or weed cloth) cultivating, hand tools, tractor implements, body tips to stay healthy
  • Various ways to harvest the lavender
  • How to dry, strip, clean and/or distill lavender
  • Caring for tools and equipment
  • Safety issues
  • Finding a market for your products
  • Starting to think about developing a focus for your farm

You will take home

  • Cuttings in a bag for you to propagate
  • A bundle of freshly harvested lavender
  • List or access to resources to go further

The class is four hours long

Cost is $100

Tour Location:  Lavender Wind Farm, 2530 Darst Road, Coupeville WA  98239

NOTICE: This class needs a minimum of 4 attendees to "go". If it needs to be cancelled you will be reimbursed completely.