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  • Book, Covert Ops 3: Apocalypso, M. G. Chapman

    M. G. Chapman Book, Covert Ops 3: Apocalypso, M. G. Chapman

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    Book 3 in the Neville-Mackenzie adventure series

    Product description

    Something deadly lurks in the Puerto Rico Trench.

    “If an earthquake is set off in the trench, the resulting tsunami will wipe out North America’s entire East Coast as well as the UK and part of western Europe. The Chinese will rule most of the civilized world without a shot being fired.” With those words, the boss of their covert ops outfit sends Neville, Mackenzie and Stanhope on their most daunting adventure yet.

    In a race against time, the team joins other covert ops units working undercover to stop the impending disaster, only to discover the plot is more complicated than they thought and the danger closer. From the luxurious decadence of a tropical resort on St. Eustatius, to the perilous depths of the Puerto Rico Trench, the crew of the tug License2Chill battles the enemy, as well as their own personal demons. And their lives will never be the same again.