Book, Covert Ops 1: License2Chill, M. G. Chapman

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The License2Chill is no ordinary salvage tug. And there is nothing ordinary about her crew either.

Intellectual opera-loving explosive expert, ex-SEAL Chance Neville and Mac Mackenzie, cocky womanizing ex-Navy fighter pilot are a deeply embedded covert ops team. Enter a beautiful psychological profiler with extraordinary skills, code named Ariel, with an assignment: find Gerhardt Kauptman, an extortionist who threatens to eliminate most of the planet's population if his demands aren't met.

Hot on his trail, the three roam the Pacific on a suspenseful action-packed high-stakes adventure, racing against a ticking clock. From Mexico to Hawaii, Papua New Guinea to Thailand, they follow the conspirators – only to discover the weapon of mass destruction they are pursuing isn’t what they expect... it's worse, much worse.