Lavender & Helichrysum Hydrosol 6oz sprayer

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We grow helichrysum and lavender on our farm. They are each Mediterranean herbs that thrive in the dry summers that we have. Both are used for many purposes and the hydrosols are very popular.

This special blend makes a great facial toner.

Hydrosol is also known as flower water. It is produced by distilling and the water soluble parts of the plants are suspended in the water. That makes them very different that plain water.

We have blended these two hydrosols together for the aficionados of both these important herbs.

For more information on hydrosols please see our article on Hydrosols and Essential Oil.

You can search for more information about the hydrosols from Helichrysum Italicum and Lavandula x-intermedia on the web.

This is a product in very limited supply, when it is out for the season, we have to wait until the next harvest year to make more.