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    Lavender Wind Wax Melts

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    Wax melts with real lavender essential oil

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    Product description

    Six wax melts per package

    Wax Melts or Candles?

    • Unlike candles, wax melts don't have a wick so need to be heated in either a tealight or electric wax burner. Additionally, wax melts do not evaporate so you can simply reheat them until the fragrance goes. 
    • They make a fabulous alternative to scented candles.
    • Wax Melts are also generally safer to use than candles. An electric burner has no naked flame and most tealights will burn themselves out within four hours. 

    How to use wax melts

    Put one or two of your wax melts (depending on how strong you like your fragrance) and place in either a tealight or electric wax burner.


    Lavender Wind 4.87 / 5 - 4400 Reviews @ Yotpo